VELISA Dealing with Fairy Rings

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VELISTA Turf Fungicide, the powerful broad spectrum fungicide that can be used all year round, is now also an option for preventative and early curative control of Fairy Ring. VELISTA controls a range of diseases, as well as being a powerful rotational partner given the novel SDHI mode of action.

VELISTA has excellent residual capabilities and strong targeted binding making it an important part of any comprehensive fungicide program and especially useful to help prevent Fairy Ring, a hard-to-control disease.

Keys to Effective Fairy Ring Control

Understand your situation and ensure targeted timing throughout the season, based on history and weather conditions. Be sure to:

  • Initiate applications early in the season, when soil temperatures reach greater than 13°C.
  • Deliver the active ingredient to the infected zone of the soil profile.
  • Apply surfactants regularly to maintain soil conditions and turf health.

To ensure VELISTA reaches the infected Fairy Ring zone, as little as 3mm of irrigation is needed if the disease is limited to the thatch layer. If the disease is deeper in the soil, 6-10mm of irrigation is generally recommended.

While preventative applications are preferable, early curative applications are possible at first observation of symptoms. If Fairy Ring is a problem in your turf, have VELISTA on the shelf ready to apply at the first appearance of the rings.

There are three types of Fairy Ring, a disease which can present in rings or arc shapes or irregular patterns. And while Type II and III symptoms are not devastating to turf, they do detract from uniformity and can affect playability.

We all know that Fairy Ring is difficult to control and now Turf Managers have the tool to assist in managing this hard-to-control fungus.

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