Watch the hypnotizing and oddly satisfying video of golf course aeration

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No one likes showing up to the local golf course only to find millions of little holes punched into the fairways and greens.
To most golfers, golf course aeration, as it’s known, is a necessary evil but a nuisance nonetheless. But we might have found a video that will change your opinion about aeration.

It’s a necessary process to keep a golf course healthy, and it’s often done multiple times a year at times when there is lower golfing pressure but the grass is still growing normally. Golf can still be played on a recently-aerated course, but it is slightly disruptive. Let’s be honest, no one wants to putt on a green full of holes.

Ryan Merriman, the golf course superintendent at East Hampton Golf Club on Long Island, recently posted a video a fairway getting aerated at his course. In the video, an operator drives a vehicle with an attachment at the back that has alternating three-pronged devices that plunge into the turf as it moves down the fairway.

Watch the hypnotizing and oddly satisfying video below and, who knows, maybe your opinion of aeration will change.

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