Week 3 of Samantha Butler’s working trip abroad

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Well, what a week, after coming back from Holland I got to spend some time around the Campey work yard learning about the machinery and how the business works a little more. 

All the staff here have their own particular role in which is vital to the success of this unique business. People are responsible for their own roles and it all blends together to like a well oiled machine.

At this early stage of my trip I am trying to pace myself with the sight seeing. I am finding items of interest that I can do over the weekends, one at a time. Last weekend I chose to go to the West Ham v Manchester City Football Game at London Stadium. Now some of you may think why would you do that for. Well, my answer for that is my decision was purely based on how much I know my dad and brother like both of these teams. It was a very somber night for one of them. It may have not been the best game of the round, but I still thoroughly enjoyed being able to go to a Premier League match that included the Champions for 2018.

Monday morning I was back to being up in the middle of the night as my nan would say to travel to  Scotland with Lee Morgado to meet Richard Heywood. We were there to provide demonstrations of the Imants Sandcat and the Vredo Turf Fix. After being in Holland and seeing how these machines were manufactured and produced I was excited to see how well they would work.

Safe to say I was impressed with both machines and how neat they worked. The Imants Sandcat was very impressive. Seeing how it broke the ground and injected the sand into the profile with leaving minimal disturbance to the surface was incredible. I will be very interested to see the results of what one run on the green can do for the infiltration and drainage. In a fortnight I am travelling back to Scotland, I am hoping to be able to return to at least Creiff Golf Club to see the results and speak again to Head Groundsmen Charlie on how he thinks the Sandcat has worked.

As for the week ahead I am not sure what to expect.

I am enjoying this experience and what I am learning. I am meeting so many people, they are all very welcoming and it is wonderful to learn how things are done compared to back home. I am hoping that when I return, I can apply some of this new found knowledge to my job and share the ideas of those that are here. I understand that not everything may work due to the difference in climates and the difference in purposes of the grounds, but I am definitely looking forward to sharing it with the boys back home.

Game Day at London Stadium

The Sandcat in action

Near the finish of surface after the Sandcat

Stay tuned for more of Sam’s overseas adventures.

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