Who’s Got The Best Lawn In The Street

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All the hard work put into creating a beautiful lush green lawn can be undone with an outbreak of Winter Weeds or devastation caused by army worm and other lawn insects.

These challenges (and fears) faced by landscapers and lawn mowing contractors are relentless when it comes to getting their clients’ lawns looking right.

Sydney lawn expert Gerry Faehrmann is well aware of the problems and concerns facing contractors after surveying a diverse group of landscapers, designers and maintenance contractors.

He said the biggest problem they faced was a “poor knowledge of turf and lawn care” and this was explained away by the fact they only “do 1 unit on turf at TAFE”, if anything.

Mr Faehrmann (in response to the survey results) said landscape maintenance contractors interested in looking after “the best lawn in the street” will do the following:

  • In the case of new turf being installed, prepare for turf installation with an adequate depth of turf underlay (around 150mm to 200mm) and making sure the right turf is installed for the local conditions including shade (both existing and future shade)
  • Maintain a good regime of lawn care practices including regular mowing (with catcher), heavy but infrequent watering (nil watering in winter for warm season grasses), fertilizing lawns lightly every 3 months with appropriate NPK, and using correct herbicides for effective post-emergent weed control – and, if required, advice should be sought from a recognized Lawn Expert for difficult weed or insect problems

He said one of the biggest problems for many landscapers was they didn’t know what to spray the weeds with especially when it came to Buffalo lawns. They were very concerned with the ST Buffalo varieties being intolerant of the broadleaf weed herbicides.

“Landscapers, in particular, are very conscious of providing correct advice to their clients. We know this as we get phone calls wanting to clarify certain matters regarding turf care.”

Mr Faehrmann owns LawnGreen, a Sydney company that turns tired old grass into Lush Green Lawn with its weed & feed Lawn Care program.

About Gerry Faehrmann
Gerry Faehrmann has over 25 years experience at LawnGreen in caring for all varieties of turf grasses and lawns in residential, strata and commercial situations.

Also, he has founded The Australian Institute Of Lawn Care Professionals where he coaches members in building and growing their own weed and feed Lawn Care business.  “Our goal is to help Contractors (new and old) become successful in the growing industry of Lawn Care (without the Big Entry Fees associated with Franchising).”